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Difference between Themeforest Standard License and Themeforest Extended License

When it comes to purchasing digital products on platforms like Themeforest, one of the most important aspects to consider is the license obtained when acquiring a product, or as we will call it from now on, “element”.

Themeforest offers two main types of licenses: the Standard License and the Extended License. Both have their own characteristics and restrictions, making it essential to understand the difference between them before making a purchase decision. In this article, we will explore the key features of both licenses and how they affect the use of downloaded elements.

Standard License:

Themeforest’s Standard License is the most common choice for most users. When purchasing an element with this license, the buyer obtains a non-exclusive, ongoing, and worldwide permission to use the selected digital product. Here are some key features of the Standard License:

  1. Use in a Single Final Product: With the Standard License, the buyer can use the element to create a single Final Product, whether for personal use or for a client. A Final Product is a complete work that incorporates the element and is distributed free of charge. For example, if you buy a website template, you can use it to build a single website, either for yourself or for a client.
  2. Free Distribution: Final Products created with the Standard License must be distributed free of charge. This means you cannot sell the final products you have created using this type of license.
  3. Restricted use in custom applications: You cannot use the element in applications that allow end-users to customize a digital or physical product according to their specific needs, such as “on-demand” or “custom-made” applications. If you want to use the element in these types of applications, you will need to acquire a separate license for each final product.

Extended License:

The Extended License from Themeforest offers more flexibility and commercial opportunities compared to the Standard License. This license is ideal for those who wish to use the downloaded elements in final products that are sold or for broader commercial use. Here are some key features of the Extended License:

  1. Use in a Single Final Product for Sale: When acquiring an element with an Extended License, you have the right to use it to create a single Final Product that can be sold to your customers. This means that you can use the element to design commercial final products, such as website themes, logos, print templates, etc.
  2. No distribution restriction: Final Products created with the Extended License can be sold or distributed without limitations. You can sell as many copies of the Final Product as you wish and at the price you choose.
  3. No redistribution as part of a stock offer: Although you have the freedom to sell the Final Products created, you cannot redistribute the original element as part of a stock offer or in a tool or template, even if you modify it.

Which is the best option for you?

The choice between the Standard License and the Extended License will depend on your specific needs and commercial goals. If you plan to use the element for a single personal project or for a client, and you have no intentions of selling the Final Product, then the Standard License is sufficient.

On the other hand, if you are looking to monetize your work and sell the Final Products you create using the element, the Extended License is the right choice. This license allows you to generate income through commercial final products.

Final Product

To clarify, the term “Final Product” refers to a complete work or creation that has been made using a licensed digital element, such as a graphic design, a website template, an illustration, a photograph, a video, among others. It is the final result of incorporating the licensed element along with other elements or own content to create a complete product ready for distribution or use.

In the context of licenses from platforms like Themeforest, the Final Product is an essential part of the restrictions and permissions associated with each type of license. For example, in the Standard License, the buyer can use the element to create a single Final Product that will be distributed free of charge, either for personal use or for a client. Meanwhile, in the Extended License, the buyer can use the element to create a single Final Product that can be sold to customers.

In summary, the Final Product is the result of using and combining the licensed element with other elements or content, resulting in a complete work ready for use or distribution. It is important to take into account the specific restrictions and permissions related to the Final Product according to the type of license acquired.


In summary, the main difference between the Standard License and the Extended License from Themeforest lies in the possibility of selling the Final Products. The Standard License is more suitable for personal or non-commercial projects, while the Extended License is ideal for those looking to sell their creations.

Before making any purchase on Themeforest, it is essential to read and understand the conditions of the license associated with the element you wish to acquire. By doing so, you will ensure proper and legal use of the downloaded elements and avoid any copyright infringement or use restrictions.

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